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 HR Trends-2025

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PostSubject: HR Trends-2025   Sat Dec 01, 2007 11:43 am

If the existing pace of development continues, the Scientific discoveries would be in strides; and the future scenario would be unimaginable in the Year-2025. Machines, Robot, and computers wouldn't only take over routine functions from the manual labour; but they would also be responsible for the PERT & PARD exercises thus taking over and making human labour redundant to that extent. It is also evident, that no country in the World can afford increasing unemployment and human starvation; for which a handful of skilled labour with extraordinary sharpened sensibilities would be required to plan for the entire population in a given country. Quality and quantity of industrial output in the First World Countries would be far far superior to the Third World countries, and the First World countries would be supplying goods an services to the Third World. In view of the larger demand, both skilled and unskilled labour would be afforded jobs in the First World with the only difference that they would be allowed more leisure time by granting longer week ends; which are already three days/week in the First World.

Third World market would be flooded by foreign goods and services, and the existing cycle in the First World would be repeated in the Third World with the help of resources made available to them by the First World. Though ultimately the pattern in vogue in the First World would be emulated by the Third World, yet there would be a time-lag before the process of modernization of industries starts in the Third World.

Aerial and electronic surveys would be undertaken for the discovery of mineral resources, whereas new variety of seeds would be evolved by the agricultural economy for greater financial gain; simultaneously providing food to human & animal population in view of the enhanced growth rate.

Price of land would shoot up, and vertical expansion instead of horizontal expansion would be adopted in Town Planning. Greater infrastructure in terms of roads, transportation & communication would be necessary in view of the population explosion. Sea food & possibly synthetic food would replace the exising staple diet of the population.Adoption of synthetic fibre would be a crying need of the time, because people would prefer growing crops of wheat, rice, and maize etc for feeding the population; whereas cotton would be replaced by a finer variety of synthetic fibre presently available in the form of Nylon and Tetoron etc. New Animals with a better yield of milk & butter would be obtained through cross- breeding. In other words, there would be no comparison between the existing scenario and the scenario in 2025.
Jameel Zaidi
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HR Trends-2025
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