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PostSubject: BASIC STRAGEGIES FOR SUCCESS   Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:01 pm

Basic But Essential Success Strategies
By Donald Yates
Success canít be bought, it must be earned
First off, success comes at a great price. Thatís right, there are no free handouts. fundamental success strategy concepts follow a distinct yet proven course of action. A price must be paid in the action it takes for completion. What! Hold it right there, you mean I gotta do something? There are many people who believe you can simply buy success. Thatís right, just put it up on the auction block and it goes to the highest bidder. Even though you must pay a price for success, it cannot be purchased.

If you have to pay a price for success but you canít buy it, what then, is success? This is a question you must answer clearly in your mind before you attempt to pursue it. Success has different meanings for different people. For some it is wealth, power and recognition while for others it is simply having enough to eat each day.

Is the price to much?

There are no clear cut explanations for success. We believe Success is simply ďachieving worthwhile personal goals,Ē while that doesnít sound difficult in itself; very few people are able to accomplish it. Most people live day do day in quiet desperation, never experiencing their true potential. They donít have a lifeís plan or any goals other than getting from one day to the next. Husbandís and wives argue about finances and fear the likelihood of loosing their jobs. Our whole society lives in fear of what tomorrow will bring. But they donít have to, they can free themselves.

Is it freedom we seek?

Doesnít the idea of freedom have a sweet ring to it? Many would argue that no one is truly free and success is simply chasing a dream. I say, ďwhat is man that he canít dream.Ē Dreams are what happiness is built on. If a man canít dream then he has no hope, for hope is indeed in seeking a dream. Donít be a day dreamer, be a dreamer of action.

Perhaps it is only a Dream

There are many who may find Essential Success Strategies demands too much for them and perhaps they are right. If you believe you are beaten before you begin the fight then, itís not a fight, itís an approved defeat. To be defeated before the battle begins, is conceding to the enemy and allowing their domination. Many people donít realize success comes as a result of planning and is not a result in itself. Success cannot follow itself as it must be a defined path which leads toward a projected result. It demands full involvement or immersion as an approach to obtainment. Once the decision to obtain a defined result is made, the individual must make it his/her committed challenge. Like jumping from an airplane, once you leave the door, you canít go back. You must, at all cost, do what is necessary to survive or plummet to the ground.

It takes planning

For example; If you decided to become a doctor, it would take a minimum eight years of higher learning and a cost of hundreds of thousands yet a degree does not make you successful. It takes thousands to set up a practice. The fact is, more than 80 percent of medical students borrow money to cover education expenses. Cost run at least $175,000 to $200,000 after adding up tuition, room and board, books and equipment and all the rest. It would be slightly less if you go to a state medical school as an in-state resident. After countless hours of classes, bookwork, lectures, internship and test you may qualify to be called a Doctor. Even then success rest squarely upon the shoulders of the person involved. No one can do it for him/her. Why? Because it is personal.

Top people in sports sign contracts for millions, at what cost? It takes hundreds of hours training and learning the game before a player becomes professional. It's the same in any industry. Airline pilot, Ships captain, architect, CEO of a fortune 500 company as well as many others, take years of study and thousands of dollars, to rise to the position. There are no free rides; everything comes with a price or doesn't come at all.

It takes hard work

But wait! What if you could make the same or more money than a doctor or any other professional with much less cost and time? What if you could be making the same as any MIT. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford Universities graduate? What would you do for the opportunity to be a top wage earner? How much time and dollars would you be willing to spend?

A few years ago the wife and I hosted exchange students. I was intrigued by the fact that much of their learning came from their total immersion into our society. They had to speak our language and adhere to our customs. Their experience was the experience itself. Their perception was changed from their native point of view into ours.

It takes focus

Learning is a progressive process. A person must learn one thing before he/she can learn another. Like building a stone wall, each stone must fit exactly in place in order to support the next stone. A stone is only a stone but by placing many stones together, they become a wall. A wall then is designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. It becomes a barrier for unwanted people and animals and provides safety for those behind it.

It takes mind control

The mind is much the same. It uses experiences in place of stones. It piles each experience on top of the other until an impregnable wall is built. Unknown to the person, a wall is built so strong, so high, so thick that it can't be torn down. You may chip at it or attempt to dig under it, but you simply can't get to the other side. Look around at the preconceptions, the mind sets, the prejudice that stem from preset thinking. What we believe is an accumulation of our and others experiences. What is fed into the mind is either accepted into our belief system or rejected as untruth. Many times, false becomes truth in the mind and truths are questioned as false.

Dream, find your interest, develop a plan, set goals and work, work, work. Never give up, itís your life at stake.

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