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PostSubject: EMPLEES RETENTION ---TIPS   Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:21 am

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Help > Employee Retention
Employee Retention: Tips and Tools for Employee Retention
Employee retention, especially of your best, most desirable employees, is a key challenge in organizations today. Use these tips, articles, tools and ideas to learn employee retention strategies that will help you retain your best staff. Learn loyalty strategies for employee retention.
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Employee Retention
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Employee Orientation: Keeping New Employees on Board
You want your new employee to experience his new job as a major turn on. Here are tips, tools, and examples for new employee orientation processes that promote longevity and loyalty.Employee Recognition Rocks: Kick Employee Recognition Up a Notch
Employee recognition is limited in most organizations. Employees complain about the lack of recognition regularly. Managers ask, “Why should I recognize or thank him? He’s just doing his job.” And, life at work is busy, busy, busy. These factors combine to create work places that fail to provide recognition for employees. Managers who prioritize employee recognition understand the power of recognition.Fun and the Bottom Line: Using Humor to Retain Employees
In today's uncertain work environment, humor isn't an option, it's necessary. When employees clown around, they're not wasting valuable time, they're making use of one of the few tools available to increase and maintain their group spirit. Laughter may not change reality, but it can certainly help people survive it. Here's how to use humor to retain employees.Grimme's Top Ten for Retention
Don Grimme lists his top ten recommended strategies for retaining good employees. No big surprises here, but this is an excellent reminder worth reading.How to Retain Your Best Employees
Interested in keeping your best employees when the job market rebounds? Retention will be a challenge, according to a recent study. Retention requires a competitive salary and great benefits. However, retention of your best requires a whole lot more. Employee involvement, recognition, advancement, development and pay based on performance just get you started in your quest to retain your best.Advertisement Job Stickiness
Core values that are understood and rewarded and feeling a part of a sense of purpose at work are reasons organizations retain staff. Read more ideas for entrepreneurs at Great Employees
Pay people reasonably and treat them great. Don Grimme recommends these top two ways to retain employees. He presents the findings of the Families and Work Institute.Keeping the People You Really Need in the Outsourced Economy
The outsourced economy is here to stay. As a leader, you may not relish the idea of outsourcing. However, the reality is that you may soon need to. When that happens, you will want a workforce that is nimble, adaptable, and prepared to participate in your organization at a new level of competitiveness. Organizations that partner with their employees will retain those employees when they have the opportunity to become free agents.Loyalty Complex
Are you doing enough to hold on to your young staff members? This article, although geared to IT staff, offers ideas for retaining all staff you want to keep.Magnify the Retention Value of Your 401k Plan
Tired of feeling as if your 401k plan doesn't get the appreciation and participation it deserves? You can maximize the impact of your 401k retirement plan to benefit the people you employ. These necessary and recommended actions will help you create an appreciated, valued benefit that helps you achieve your business goals.Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring
These nine tips will help you in recruiting and hiring a candidate who will become a successful, contributing superior employee. Learn how job analysis helps you in recruiting and hiring a superior staff.Poll: Why Do You Stick With Your Employer?
Recruiting and Retention Special
Finding the best possible people who can fit within your culture and contribute within your organization is a challenge and an opportunity. Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right. Take a look at the helpful features in the Industry and Business Recruiting and Retention Special.Retaining Talent in a Competitive Market
In a competitive market, best practices for retaining top talent include offering a stimulating work environment, flexible career options, an excellent benefit package, and a culture that values staff contributions.Retain Top Talent
Employees may enjoy moving around laterally in different jobs. Flexible career options and knowledge sharing opportunities help to retain your talented employees. See Best Practices, LLC for more good ideas.Retention Research Yields Answers
Read Kevin Wheeler's review of research by Professors Peter Hom and Rodger Griffeth. He presents three factors which must be present for people to stay with an organization. Check out the four ways companies can impact and increase retention.The Bottom Line for Employee Retention
Want the bottom line when it comes to employee retention? The quality of the supervision an employee receives is critical to employee retention. People leave managers and supervisors more often than they leave companies or jobs. Learn how to help your managers address employee retention.Top Ten Ways to Retain Your Great Employees
Key employee retention is critical to the long term health and success of your business. Managers readily agree that their role is key in retaining your best employees to ensure business success. If managers can cite this fact so well, why do many behave in ways that so frequently encourage great employees to quit their job? Here are ten more tips for employee retention.Use Your Team for Recruitment: A Retention Strategy
Selecting and retaining great staff is key for business success. Talented people who continue to develop skills and increase their value to your organization and to your customers are your most important resource. Here's how to select and retain these people and create an environment in which they continue to thrive.What People Want From Work: Employee Motivation and Positive Morale
Some people work for personal fulfillment; others work for love of what they do. Others work to accomplish goals and to feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves. The bottom line is that we all work for money and for reasons too individual to assign similarities to all workers. Learn more.
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Employee Retention
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